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Sharing: Making of Cafe Daikanyama

Hello ^^

I ripped Ikemen Cafe ga Dekirumade - Making of Cafe Daikanyama for a friend and figured I'd share it with you guys as well ^_^  The actors starring in it: Ookawa Genki <3, Kiriyama Renn, Baba Tooru and Aiba Hiroki.

I've also ripped the extras that came with the movie DVD if anyone is interested in them. There are 3 really cute interviews on it. Let me know if I should upload them.

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Ookawa Genki no rajio deeeeesu!

HE REALLY HAS A RADIO SHOW!! I know he said so in his blog, but since he never updated about it again, I just thought it was a joke or something *headdesk*  But since I've been sick the past few days (like, really sick, barely able to leave my bed-sick) I decided to investigate Genki, cause that would make anyone feel better, ne? And the program is really cute! He's such a dork <3 I don't understand everything, but he doesn't sound as shy on radio as he does in all the tenimyu-backstages <--- yokatta, ne! I do wonder who that other guy is though... Aah, Genki! I love your voice *fangirls* I seriously want to send in an email... but I don't think I'd be able to write a coherent email... it'd probably be something like "gah! hips! legs! love youuu!" <-- don't think that'd impress him very much...

Aaaaanyway, go and listen to it!


Due to this horrible illness of mine, I'm going to miss the JapSoc halloween party tonight T_T And I such a great costume as well... T_T
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Finally here...

I haven't updated in so long, and sooo much has happened, but first I seriously need to fangirl about Tenimyu! NEW CAST! *melts* They all look so good! I'm so excited about this cast! Especially now that the dates has been announced XD I'm sooo going to see it (I've been saving for it, after all). However, it seems I'll be going to Osaka instead of Tokyo... not that I mind, I *really* wanna see Osaka.. so, yay! ^__^ So, nekokurisu, if you're reading this, are we still set to go? *____*


I've now been in England for three weeks (wow, doesn't feel like it!) and I have to say I quite like it here. People are a lot nicer than I thought (except, perhaps, my flatmates ^_^;;) and everything's been going pretty smoothly. England is a bit weird though, it seems like everything here is about the pub and beer; it's like they don't do anything else. I'm not too fond of drinking myself, so that has been a problem. But not a big one, there are some here whose life doesn't revolve around partying and drinking oneself silly every night ^^

OH! And Genki's photobook arrived last week *________________* EEP! I can't stop staring at it! He looks perfect in EVERY shot! pretty pretty Genki... and reading his blog, I think he said something about a radio-show? Hmm.... Must find out more....
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Big move

Time goes way too fast; I'm leaving for England TOMORROW and I think the panic attack I've been waiting for for the last few weeks is about to happen... It's not really a big move, it's only England and I know England... been there lots of times and I like it there. And I've prepared all the practical stuff, so I should be set to go tomorrow. But still, I feel like I have no control over anything anymore, the time just kind of flew away and I haven't even had time to meet all my friends to say goodbye T_T Well, I'll deal with that later... I'm so tired from packing all day. Or maybe I'm just tired. I don't wanna think about what to pack anymore, I don't wanna worry about my new flatmates, I just want to stop thinking about everything. And it'd be nice if I could sleep without nightmares too. Well, wishful thinking never hurt anyone...

And just to add a bit to this self-pity mood I've got going here, Genki's photobook and DVD are late and wont arrive until next week T_T Forgive me while I curl up and die weep...
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Genki's latest blog entry...

... so, Genki posted a blog entry a few hours ago, and I know my Japanese is not the best (yet!) but is he apologizing? It's seems to be the new trend around the tenimyu-boys to apologize for stupid Japanese fangirl's over reactions, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but... T_T GENKI SHOULDN'T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE!

But seriously, is he? If I understand correctly (that's a big IF) it seems to be about the entry he posted before, but it's probably just me misunderstanding something, right? I mean, that happens aaaaaaall the time <-shouldn't reveal that so easily ^_^;; but I'd love to be proven wrong. Now.

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Ah, nostalgia..

Sus has been nagging me for days that I need to watch Shounen Club, she said they'd been in Osaka this summer with Kanjani8 as guests. Obviously I had to see it ^____^ I'm feeling quite nostalgic though, cause it's been a few years since I was into Johnny's. I used to really like Subaru and Yasuda <-- Subaru is the weirdest guy ever. And Yasuda the cutest. Though he's a big cry-baby ^_^;; Nice to see that Subaru is happy again though, he seemed so sad (or bored?) the last time I watched them. And he's still as strange as ever. And unusually flirty *__*

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Interesting to see how Johnny's boys can actually dance! I've gotten so used to the stiff movements of the lovely tenimyu boys, that I somehow forgot how nice it looks when all boys on stage can move in tune to the music.

Well... tenimyu is still more interesting.

Just saw that Genki has received over 700 comments to his birthday-post! Yay! No idea how many the other boys usually receive, but 700 is alot, ne? Collapse )

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eep! icon! *nosebleed*

Don't know I'm doing this to myself, but I'm going to class at the university even though I don't have to today (I'm not exactly registered =^_^=). I promised my friend Sus I'd go to keep her company because the classes are really boring. Weeeeeell, perhaps I'll learn something. Or perhaps I'll fall alseep <-- the latter seems really tempting right now...

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And speaking of the myu <-eh? I want a mood theme with Rikkaix3rd generation! (Or just Genki, that'd be just fine ^_~) I realise I have plus account and should be able to have it, but the whole mood theme-thing confuses the hell out of me. Must go investigate...
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Happy 20th birthday, Genki!

Happy Birthday Ookawa Genki!

The little angel turns 20 today! He's only 6 months younger than me ^_^

I had planned on making a wallpaper or something, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so I made it into a... birthday banner(?) instead. It's under the cut.

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Not much better as a banner, but at least I've got it posted (photoshop sucks!)

Anyway, I hope he has a wonderful day! I've already commented in his blog =^_^=, which by the way has already gotten 645 comments! weee! He deserves all the love *happy dance* Ouji and Kanesaki has mentioned his birthday, at least <-- sweet, ne?

Off to watch DL4 backstage *dreamy smile* Oh! And speaking of the that, I made a clip of all, big moments in the backstage and posted it on YouTube a while ago.

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Not the best quality, but still... XD

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Ookawa Genki and the amazing hips pt 2~

I've finally calmed down a bit with my fangirling since coming home from Tokyo, so I figured I'd write about my impressions from the myu a bit more coherently now (don't expect too much though, Genki is still Genki, and I'm only human... ^_^;;)

I went to see the show on both shows Aug 11th and on the morning show on the Aug 12.

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